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Other Information

Doctors and staff at the surgery are all bound by the same rules of confidentiality. Our clinical system has the ability to share (with your consent) your GP record with other NHS providers not employed by the surgery such as:

  • District Nurses
  • Matrons
  • Out of Hours doctors
  • In hours visiting service
  • Respiratory specialists
  • Palliative Teams
  • Accident and Emergency (summary of your medications, allergies and sensitivities only)
  • Primary Care Mental Health
  • NHS community services
  • and other NHS providers


The system can only show your GP record to NHS providers who are on the same clinical system as us. You can also access certain parts of your record by signing up to online services. Application packs are held in reception.

The surgery has data controllers

Please read our Privacy Notice on this website and displayed in the practice for further information


Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to giving you the best possible service. We ask that you treat the practice staff with courtesy and respect. They have the right to go about their duties without fear of aggression or personal attack. It is the policy of the practice to remove patients who are violent or abusive to any member of staff or any persons present on the premises. This may also involve police action.

Keep your appointment or cancel it

Read the notices in the practice

Avoid calling about non urgent matters at peak times

People involved in your care will give you their names

We will try to answer the telephone promptly

Patients will be treated as individuals and partners in their health care

Your have the right to see your health records subject to limitation in the law. These will be kept confidential at all times.



Complaints and Compliments


Our staff will do whatever they can to make sure you are treated properly. Sometimes you may feel the service we offer fails to reach your expectations. You have every right to complain if the service you receive from us falls short of what you expect. We would ask that you try to discuss the matter with our staff in the first instance to see if the matter can be immediately resolved.

Any complaint that you make will not be held against you or affect any future care or treatment you or your family receive.


If your problem cannot be resolved you may wish to make a complaint. We would like you to let us know as soon as possible – preferably within a few days because this will enable us to establish what happened more easily. To enable the complaint to be investigated it should be:

  • made within six months of the event that caused the problem
  • made within six months of you realising that there has been a problem.

For a complaint outside these timescales please ask and we will advise whether we are able to investigate.



If you are unable to complain yourself then some-one else, usually a relative or close friend, can raise the complaint on your behalf. We will, however, require your consent, (normally in writing), unless due to incapacity you are unable to provide this.



Complaints can be made orally or in writing. If you make an oral complaint we may request that you put your concerns in writing if there are a number of different issues or we need the complaint written down in your own words.

If you wish to make a written complaint please address it to your Practice Manager Michelle Myers.

We discourage the use of social media sites as a means to raise a complaint. The surgery has a process in place to allow patients to raise comment directly to the management team. We are very committed to listening to feedback from our patients. This process allows us to reflect and improve our service by investigating the specifics.



We will provide an acknowledgement to your complaint within two working days.

We aim to investigate your complaint thoroughly from the date when you spoke to us or we received your letter.

When we look into your complaint we aim to:


  • find out what happened
  • make it possible for you to discuss the problem with us
  • make sure you receive an apology where it is appropriate
  • identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again.


Our Practice Manager or a Partner, will then be in a position to offer you an explanation and written response. This may include meeting with you to resolve the problem.


If you are still dissatisfied you can ask the Health Service Commissioner, (the Ombudsman), to investigate your case. The Ombudsman is completely independent of the NHS and the Government.

The Ombudsman's office can be contacted on: 0845 015 4033



Yes you can.

NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  marked for the attention of the "complaints manager" in the subject line


0300 311 2233 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays.

We want to know when the Practice falls short of your expectations so we can quickly put them right and learn from the experience to improve our service to all our patients.

If the practice manager is not available the receptionist may refer you to the reception managers – Libby Hunton or Teresa Sutherill. You may also speak to the Assistant Practice Manager.

Please feel free to contact:

Michelle Myers
Practice Manager

01438 313001

Have a compliment? please let us know in writing or visit NHS Choices

Download the patient information leaflet here

Download complaints leaflet here



GP Earnings


All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS Services to patients at each practice. The average pay for GPs working at Chells Surgery in the last financial year was £89,029.00 BEFORE tax, national insurance and pension deductions. This is for 4 full time partners, 2 part time partners and 2 part time salaried GPs

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