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Do you collect your repeat medication from the same chemist each month?

We are all busy people. We have a new system that can make life easier for you, your pharmacist and your doctor.
We are the first practice in Stevenage to use this system. We commenced on the system on the 2nd July 2015 and so far many patients have found it to be a straightforward and easy process.

To save you having to pick up your printed green prescription from the surgery (or your chemist pick it up) and then take it to your regular chemist where you have to wait for them to get it ready, we can, on receipt of the order send it electronically to that chemist for you.

All you need to do is go to the chemist and collect your medication. This is a much quicker process. When you collect the medication they will give you a re-order slip to send to us so we can then send it electronically the next time you need your repeat medication. You will still be responsible for ordering your medication or asking your pharmacist to order your repeat medication for you.

If you would like us to do this just pop into your regular chemist and ask them to switch on the link. Please ask to sign a consent form and ask them to send it to us. All chemists are aware of this service.

Some points to remember:

  • You need to use the same chemist all of the time as we cannot change the electronic link repeatedly.
  • You could nominate a chemist close to where you work or live for convenience.
  • This does not mean we can prepare prescriptions within minutes you still need to give 3 working days notice.
  • In face to face consultation the doctor will continue to print your prescription.
  • Your pharmacist still needs time to download it from their computer and prepare your medication for collection.
  • Always plan ahead it is your health and your responsibility to ensure you have your medications in time.

Did you know that approximately 20-40 people present at our reception desk on a friday night having run out of medication? We are then asked to issue the prescription immediately. This means we have to disturb doctors who are seeing patients or attending to medical emergencies. Whilst we understand that for some patients this may be an oversight we also recognise that for some it is a regular occurance. We do request that you plan ahead. Where we have noted in the medical records that this is a persistant problem our Practice Managers will make contact with the patient to discuss a suitable resolution.

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